Saint Nellie by Odal Madsen

“Saint Nellie is a suspense novel that takes place in a small Southern town, where an undercurrent of chaotic violence lingers behind paranoid sneers and angry church sermons, bleeding into the lives of its residents as effortlessly as an afternoon iced tea.

Mia Taylor is a fifteen year-old spending a stifling Summer in Blackwell, Tennessee, trying her best to avoid standing out in a place where old ideas still have deep roots. However, what gnaws at the heart of Blackwell isn’t just a community struggling to escape a history of racial violence, but something equally destructive, otherworldly, and older than time immemorial. Something the residents speak of in hushed tones and with furtive glances. Tales of the town’s one-eyed “witch”, Nellie McGruder, bubble at the pit of the town’s consciousness, and rumors of the dark power wielded by the reclusive woman run rampant.

Now, tasked with reaching out to Nellie McGruder, Mia and her mother are forced to look deeply into the soul of Blackwell, and what they find will utterly terrify them. ”

I am not even really sure where to start with this review. Now this isn’t because this book was horrible, on the contrary it was outstanding. It was so outstanding that I am having a very hard time writing a review that doesn’t give anything away.

Ok here we go….

The characters in this book draw you in, I don’t mean keep you in the story, I mean pull at something inside you and keep you riveted to every page. Even when the story seems slow down I couldn’t put the book down. Whether it was their back stories or their interactions or even the thoughts that flow through their minds it was interesting. I can’t say there was a dull moment in the book. Each character has a delicate balance with each other, gut instinct and level headiness, though the mother is spotty at times but still on point. Nellie is a character unto herself and while she may seem to be the villain she kept me entertained with her crusty exterior. Mia struggles with many things, changes and events but keeps pushing through which is what a good female character does. There was precious little that I didn’t like about this book. The one thing that let me down was the ending. Not because it wasn’t a good one but because I was hoping the story would continue and keep continuing.

This seems to be this authors first published work and I will say right here and now that I will read anything that he releases in the future.

This book can be found on Amazon Saint Nellie

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